Williams shares “Why You Deserve Shared Decision Making”

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John W. Williams, MD, MHSc

John W. Williams, MD, MHSc

Recently, our own John W. Williams Jr., MD was featured on their blog and shared his thoughts on “Why You Deserve Shared Decision Making”. In the post, Williams explains that shared decision making (SDM) “is particularly important when it comes to mental health care.” He talks about how common conditions like depression and anxiety can be treated in many ways, but patients are often unaware of those different options.

The Editor of Care for Your Mind™ contacted Dr. Williams after his recent editorial in Annals of Internal Medicine regarding ACP’s new guideline for treating depression. They were particularly interested in his comment that there was a mismatch between the treatment patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) receive and the treatment they want.  The ACP guideline makes a recommendation  “that clinicians select between either cognitive behavioral therapy or second-generation antidepressants to treat patients with major depressive disorder after discussing treatment effects, adverse effect profiles, cost, accessibility, and preferences with the patient”.

“What we know is that many patients with depression who see a generalist, walk out with a prescription,” says Williams. “Depending on the study, about 50% or more want therapy – so there is an important mismatch.  SDM has the potential to help resolve that mismatch.  This is what made me willing to give the interview.  I think it is an important issue.”

Read the full blog post here. 

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