Welcome Back Dr. Goldberg

Kenneth Goldberg, MD

Duke General Internal Medicine is pleased to announce the academic appointment of Kenneth C. Goldberg, MD, as Associate Professor, effective April 1, 2016. Last August Dr. Goldberg arrived as the new Chief of Staff of the Durham VA Medical Center.

Dr. Goldberg received his MD degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin and his residency training and fellowship in general internal medicine at Duke. From 2010-2015 Ken was Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs at the Orlando, Florida VA Medical Center. In 2015 he was named as the Associate Dean of Veterans Affairs, University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

Dr. Goldberg is recognized as an outstanding clinician-educator, recipient of many teaching awards including the Haskell Schiff Award for Excellence in the Practice of Clinical Medicine when he was a resident here.

Welcome back, Dr. Goldberg!


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