Singapore – Greenblatt and Yanamadala

SingaporeIn August 2015 we wrote about Larry Greenblatt, MD, a clinician-educator in GIM, and Mamata Yanamadala, MBBS, from Duke Geriatrics, their work in Singapore for Duke-NUS.

Larry recently forwarded a few photos from Singapore, noting that the country is very diverse in culture, ethnicity, and religion.

In this highlight for the DGIM Blog, Larry tells us more about their teaching activities. Together they are running a workshop that he and Mamata created called “Actively Engaging Learners” where they trained senior faculty in some strategies including:

  • Communication goals that are behavioral
  • Evaluation of learners at different levels of training
  • Application and further development of the skills of learners using the RIME (Reporter-Interpreter-Manager-Educator) framework
  • Development of clinical reasoning skills in learners
Multiple roles for Duke-NUS
Larry and Mamata have several roles in Duke-NUS. They are providing training to a group a junior hospitalists and helping to restructure the operations of the inpatient ward teams to improve the effectiveness of the teaching.  In other projects, they are providing coaching on teaching skills to a diverse group of health professions who are in a one-year fellowship.
They also helped education-oriented residents across specialties to brainstorm about how their interests could be fostered systematically and their careers developed as educators in a system where there is no avenue for promotion for clinical or education efforts.


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