Schulman Teaching Healthcare Executive Leaders – Nigeria

Kevin Schulman, MD, MBA

Over the next 10 weeks, Kevin Schulman will participate in teaching healthcare leaders in the Healthcare Leadership Academy, a program based in Lagos, Nigeria. The subject is how to excel in governance and provision of quality services. The underlying mission is to help stabilize health systems for this vulnerable population so that Africa can sustain the economic growth achieved over the past decade.

Schulman is known for overseeing the growth of the largest health sector management program at any top business school – Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.

Joined by Duke Visiting Professor, Will Mitchell

For the Academy curriculum he is joined by a Duke visiting professor, Will Mitchell. Dr. Mitchell is Professor of Strategic Management at the Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto, where he holds the Anthony S. Fell Chair in New Technology and Commercialization.

Curriculum spans 10 weekends plus 9 months of fellowship

Healthcare Executives Leadership Program

Healthcare Executives Leadership Program

The course content is delivered over 10 weekends by global experts including Schulman and Mitchell who have extensive experience in teaching executives and policymakers.  Unique for a course of this kind, is the subsequent 9 month fellowship which ensures that the capabilities built in each area are directly applied to their respective healthcare organizations to improve system performance and health outcomes.