Schulman co-authors NEJM Perspective on Health Care Tax Inversions

SchulmanClinical researcher and faculty member of Duke GIM,  Kevin Schulman, MD, recently co-authored a perspective article in The New England Journal of Medicine entitled,  “Health Care Tax Inversions – Robbing Both Peter and Paul”. The other author on this article, Haider Javed Warraich, M.D, is a colleague of Schulman’s from Harvard where Schulman is a visiting professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School.

In this commentary, they argue that the government needs to devise policies that discourage companies from pursuing tax inversion, while ensuring that it doesn’t inadvertently punish those that don’t invert.

Way to go Dr. Schulman!


Warraich, HJ, and Schulman, KA. “Health Care Tax Inversions–Robbing Both Peter and Paul.” The New England journal of medicine 374, no. 11 (March 2016): 1005-1007. PMID: 26981932 [Link]


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