O’Brien’s multiple recent funding awards!


Cara O’Brien, MD, assistant professor of medicine, is the recipient of two recent funding awards.

The first was for a project, “Implementation of a Duke-specific Early Warning System” from the Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI). This was awarded to O’Brien, along with  Armando Bedoya, MD, (GIM Chief Resident) and Meredith Clement, MD (Infectious Disease).

The second award, from a new grant program aimed at fostering interactions between researchers in the School of Medicine and the Duke campus addresses “Collaborative Quantitative Approaches to Problems in the Basic and Clinical Sciences.” Dr. O’Brien’s specific project, along with Rebecca Steorts (Statistical Science) and Benjamin Goldstein (Biostatistics and Bioinformatics) is titled “Incorporating dynamic Electronic Health Records data into a model for patient deterioration.” They will receive $50,000 in support for this project. Dr. O’Brien was one of four from the Department of Medicine to receive this new funding.


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