MKSAP collaborative work at Pickett Road

Duke Primary Care Pickett Road Clinic

Duke Primary Care Pickett Road Clinic

With many physicians using the Medical Knowledge Self-Assesment Program (MKSAP), and the Duke Primary Care Clinic at Pickett road looking for a way to get attendings and learners together to review common topics and issues relevant to their internal medicine practice, the answer seemed obvious. Many use the MKSAP review texts and questions to cover topics and areas of interest and weakness, and now you can do it in a group setting.

“Our intention is to make this fun, interactive, informal,  and collaborative,” says Bruce Peyser, co-Director from the Department of Medicine. “We very much are focusing on the learning atmosphere to make this positive, since many individuals have not so very fond memories of studying for the board exams using the MKSAP format.”

“Our intention is to make this fun, interactive, informal,  and collaborative.”

In the session, they will review 15-20 questions from the MKSAP format in internal medicine. Individuals are given the option of seeing questions in advance so that they can read or think about answers. At the session, attendees divide into groups so that the questions and answers can be discussed in a supportive and collaborative manner.  Participants will earn CME credit for each hour of participation.

The event will most likely cover one or two topics per session.  The Pickett Road clinic is hoping that going over the questions and answers provides a comfortable way for busy internists to stay up to date with latest developments in their field. Also, they can easily review national standards of care for a variety of issues, illnesses, and symptoms. Though we know MKSAP questions are reviewed with house staff elsewhere, we are not aware of any other venue in the department where questions are reviewed in the manner that we have detailed.

These sessions will occur on the 4th Tuesday of every month in the 2nd Floor Conference Room of the Pickett Road Clinic at 7:30 AM, with the inaugural session taking place on July 26, 2016. For more information, please contact GIM Program Director, Megan Churchill

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