Meet Program Director Megan Churchill

Churchill_Megan-How long have you been at Duke? How long have you been in the Division? What did you do before coming to the Division?
I have worked at Duke since 2008 and have been with the Division for just 2 weeks. I started at Duke Regional Hospital working on the Adult Medicine Floor assisting 3 Nurse Managers & 200+ staff nurses/nursing assistants/HUCs. While at the Hospital I obtained my Masters of Healthcare Administration degree. After obtaining my degree, I joined Duke Network Services as the Program Specialist for the Duke Cancer Network. In this role, I gave administrative direction to DCN Leaders (8). I assisted with calendars, travel, steering committee meetings, Pcard clearing, CME/CNE Educational Events, and IT related issues.


Megan with her husband and two sons at the beach

-What does your work as Program Director involve? What does a typical day for you look like?
As the Program Director, I will be working with APTs (Advancement, Promotion and Tenure), CME Events, and Recruits. A typical day for me right now, is learning all the faculty within the GIM and understanding the APT, Promotion, & Recruitment processes.

-What do you enjoy most about working at the Division?
While my time has been short, what I enjoy most about working within the Division is the teamwork and how cordial and welcoming everyone has been.

-What passions or hobbies do you have outside of the Division?

Anything that involves spending time with my husband and two boys (ages 4 & 17 months old).

-What is a fun fact about yourself that people may not know?
I enjoy cooking/baking, specifically cakes/cupcakes.