Med Students open plenary session at #SGIM16

Jerry Lee, Julie Rivo, Morgan Hardy

Jerry Lee, Julie Rivo, Morgan Hardy

“You are only the second medical student(s) to be offered this opportunity since 1999,” read the email from SGIM to Jerry Lee, Julie Rivo, and Morgan Hardy, three medical students from the Duke University School of Medicine. “It is indeed a wonderful and rare opportunity.”

These three students, along with their mentors at Duke, Marigny M. Bratcher and Natasha T. Cunningham, MD, have been working on a new initiative called the Duke Hotspotting Initiative (DHSI), which creates an opportunity for medical students to gain valuable clinical experiences in their first year by working with “high utilizer” patients. They were ecstatic to hear that they were invited to present this project at the Society of General Internal Medicine’s annual conference this May.

“We were very surprised and pleased,” says Morgan Hardy, third year medical student at Duke and one of the creators of DHSI. “I had to reread the email multiple times!”

SGIM 2016Hardy and Lee first created this initiative under the realization that medical students did not receive enough training on population health and the social determinants of health, leaving them inadequately prepared to help treat their sickest, most complex patients.

“Our hope is that this program, and others like it, can be even more integrated into the medical school curriculum. The faculty and administrators at the school of medicine have recognized the value in creating more service-learning opportunities and have pledged their support to our project in following years,” says Hardy.

Jerry Lee, second year medical student at Duke, will be presenting this work of DHSI at the open plenary session at SGIM16 on May 12th from 9:15 – 11:15 AM.

Congratulations to these students on a job well done!

Thursday, May 12, 9:45 a.m.
Great Hall 1-3, 3rd floor convention center
Duke Hotspotting Initiative (DHSI): Integrating Medical Education with Community-Based Care Coordination Jerry Lee; Morgan Hardy; Julie Rivo; Marigny M. Bratcher; Natasha T. Cunningham
View details here: Lee et al


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