Hospital Medicine 2016 – San Diego

Hospital MedicineHospital Medicine 2016
Annual Meeting of the Society for Hospital Medicine
March 6-9, 2016 in San Diego

Last updated 2/1/16
Read the list of acceptances from our Duke GIM Hospitalists for this national meeting.
Breakout Session

Jonathan Bae, MD
Reducing Inpatient Mortality: A Standardized Approach to Identify Preventable Deaths”

Clinical Vignettes

Dennis College, MD
A Case of Stiff-person Syndrome: An Elusive Diagnosis

Pooh Setji, MD
Bountiful Harvest: A Rare Case of an Obstructing Colonic Phytobezoar

Suchita Shah, MD
A Modern Case of Scurvy? Vitamin C Deficiency in a Patient with a Pheochromocytoma

Poonam Sharma, MD
A “Poor” Option for a Classic Pentad

Research and Innovations

Poonam Sharma, MD, Megan Brooks, MD,  Pahresah Roomiany, MD, Lalit Verma, MD
Training PA students in inpatient medicine: the nuts and bolts of curriculum development and attending engagement

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