Have you googled your name lately?

Bosworth searchHave you googled your name? Did you notice that your Duke profile link comes up first? Seriously.

Consider your online presence, the value proposition that gives people confidence you know who you are and what you are about professionally.

Will you just write a little bit, a brief bio about what you do? My own excuse always has been that it’s too difficult to do but that loses weight when I see Duke has automated so much for me.  A few from GIM already have posted their bios. For example, check out: Hayden Bosworth and David Gallagher and Leah Zullig.

The place to start: Scholars@Duke
Already there are the essentials of your academic appointment and even publications. But most profiles do not have a description of their academic activities.

Why is Scholars itself important? Scholars@Duke is the source of content that’s fed to the online faculty directory that you see in the Department of Medicine website. Scholars is searchable and content rich.

Oh, one more thing, enter your phone number, will you? You won’t believe the number of calls to the central number at Duke that refer to our GIM administrative office.

Directions for updating Scholars@Duke
Go to the Scholars website and click on “Manage This Profile.”

Click on “Manage This Profile” and write a description of your academic activities. Also update your contact information with a phone number. 
These are the most important points about your Scholars profile.

Want to know more? Everything is spelled out within the Department of Medicine checklist found here.

Guidelines from the Department of Medicine

Duke Medicine Communications policies

Martha-Adams_5-2014-300x240Post submitted by Martha Adams, MD, MA
Author of GIM’s “Twitter in Medicine” Series