Faculty Spotlight: Carol Hammond, PhD


Carol Hammond, PhD

Did you know Dr. Carol Hammond is a “speech language pathologist”? This background, plus a fascination with human anatomy and physiology, led to her career research work on “post-stroke oral pharyngeal dysphagia.”

Presently she’s studying mild traumatic brain injury in post-combat veterans and her latest project is looking at goal management training to improve memory and organizational skills in those with cognitive problems. Dr. Hammond has been a member of general internal medicine since 1999.

Dr. Hammond with one of her four daughters, Mary.

Dr. Hammond with one of her four daughters, Mary.

We asked Dr. Hammond to tell us about life for her outside of the medical center. We learned she enjoys going to concerts and she’s “addicted to romance novels.” She also shared with us that she is a mother of four daughters and last weekend she “had a great squirt gun fight” with her grandchildren. Last, a tip, her favorite restaurant is Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill!

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