Authors! Let us know about your books and chapters published in 2014-15!


The School of Medicine is currently collecting data necessary to submit to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) for the School’s 2016/17 full accreditation.

One data point required for this LCME survey that isn’t available in any institutional or public system is the number of books and book chapters published in academic year 2014/15.  As a result, each department is asked to collect the information from its active faculty with primary appointments and aggregate the total.

We made this online form for GIM in hopes it would be an easy way for you to give us this information. Be sure to include citation detail. Please submit by December 18th!

Click here to complete the form online!

In the future, if everyone would update their Scholars profiles, we can run a report for the information. To update your profile start at or

General guidance on updating faculty profiles is here: