ACP – NC Chapter Scientific Meeting 2016

ACP_NC Chapter 2016

Feb 26-27, 2016
Grandover Resort, Greensboro, NC

Last updated 2/14/16

Click here to register and view the program. These Hospitalists received acceptances for their “Clinical Vignettes”:

Mitchell Black, MD and David Ming, MD
Structured Evaluation and Feedback to Improve Quality of Medical Student Discharge Summaries

Neha Mehta, MD and Adam Wachter, MD
A Curious Case of Acute Kidney Injury

David Ming, MD
The PRESsing Case of Blue Fingers and Depigmented Skin

Cara O’Brien, MD
The case of the hospitalist whose abstract title is unknown

Cara O’Brien, MD
Riboflavin Deficiency Manifesting as Recurrent Ketoacidosis

Pooh Setji, MD
Bountiful Harvest: A Rare Case of an Obstructing Colonic Phytobezoar

Suchita Shah, MD
A Modern Case of Scurvy? Vitamin C Deficiency in a Patient with a Pheochromocytoma

Poonam Sharma, MD
Running low on factors with rifampin

Poonam Sharma, MD and Tom Holland, MD
Ice Cream Ingestion, More Than a Gut Feeling

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