11th Annual Duke Patient Safety Conference

DUHS Patient SafetyMarch 10, 2016 at the Durham Convention Center

Last updated 3/4/16

Read the list of acceptances by our Duke GIM Hospitalists. Click here to register for this event. You may also want to read about acceptances to other conferences: the ACP-NC Chapter Scientific Meeting in Greensboro, NC, and Hospital Medicine 2016 in San Diego.

Jonathan Bae, MD
Reviewing Deaths to Save Lives: A Standardized Approach to Mortality Review

Jonathan Bae, MD, Pooh Setji, MD, Cara O’Brien, MD, and Suchita Shah, MD
A Novel Approach to Improve Patient Outcomes Though Increased Care Taker Resiliency

Alicia Clark, MD
Changing Practice for Overnight Fever Work-Ups in Patients on a General Medicine Service

George Cheely, MD, and Jonathan Bae, MD
Evolution of the Duke Graduate Medical Education (GME) Incentives Program: Fostering Trainee Engagement in Quality Improvement

Aubrey Jolly Graham, MD and Pooh Setji, MD
HOPE for reducing readmissions after discharge to Skilled Nursing Facilities: A clinical case-series study.

Cara O’Brien, MD, George Cheely, MD, and Brian Griffith, MD
Implementing a Health-System-Wide Early Warning System as Part of Sepsis Care Redesign

Pooh Setji, MD, and Adia Ross, MD
A Full House: Re-Shuffling Our Transfer Strategy to Better Manage Capacity Across Duke Hospitals

Steve Telloni, MD and Pooh Setji, MD
Move for 20: An All-Inclusive Mobility Program for Acute Inpatient Medical Units

Alan Tesson, MD, Lalit Verma, MD, Rachel Kline, and Aparna Kamath, MBBS
Case series: A retrospective observational investigation of diagnostic testing and 30-day major adverse cardiac events for chest pain patients admitted to the Clinical Decision Unit