Aleis: Day 4 (Reflections)

Right now I’m on the plane ride home. Typing out all of the things we’ve done has made me realize what an event this really was. Also, I don’t know if these blog posts really capture the underlying theme and constant feeling of the convention – pure, raw, inspiration. Every single girl there had some awesome project they are working on, or some great accomplishment they have achieved, or some ingenious idea just waiting to be put into action. I feel confident I could have talked to any girl there (which I tried to do often) and had an intelligent, inspirational conversation. Women or not, these people were just incredible and it was wonderful being among them. This is an incredible convention and I fully support it – I’m sure next year will be just as awesome! If you think you might want to go, I would definitely recommend considering it – at the very least you’ll get some pretty cool free t-shirts!

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