Past Events

Fall 2021 Overview

Third Annual Duke-UNC First-Gen Symposium

February 29, 2020

Duke F1RSTS hosted the Third Annual Duke-UNC First-Gen Symposium, where first-gen grad students from the two universities learned how to embrace and leverage their first-gen identity. Thank you to Carolina F1RSTS and keynote speaker Dr. Sonja Ardoin for your participation in our successful event! If circumstances allow, we’re looking forward to the 4th Annual First-Gen Symposium in 2021, which will be hosted at UNC Chapel Hill.

Duke F1RSTS Kick off Lunch August 29, 2019

Duke F1RSTS Kickoff Lunch for First-Generation Graduate Students

Duke F1RSTS Kickoff Lunch for First-Generation Graduate Students

Duke Resource Fair 2019 – Welcome 112 new first-gen grads!

Navigating the Academic Job Market as First-Gen 4/3/2019

Second annual 1g symposium 3/30/2019 

Duke LIFE / Duke F1RSTS Mentorship Program Mixer February 18, 2019


Workshop on Finances & Budgeting 25/1/2019

The participants learned about their own spending behavior by playing a card game and creating a spending plan. Our guest speaker was Danielle Cullen from Personal Finances@Duke. Feel free to reach out to her and schedule individual sessions to ask about credit cards, budgeting and tax information (for US citizens).

Info Session on Administrative Careers in Higher Education 


Student Mixer 11/13/2018

Academia & Careers in Higher Education 11/8/2018