Resulting from our panel on ‘Navigating the Academic Job Market as a 1-Gen’ we decided to collect advice by first-gen grads for our first-gen peers.

Thanks to Eladio for sharing his reflections on the job market process:

The Academic Job Search Reflection Bobadilla

Eladio Bobadilla, a sixth-year student at Duke, recently defended his dissertation on the history of the modern immigrants’ rights movement. While at Duke, he has also received several major fellowships and grants, including the Gilder Lehrman Scholarly Fellowship, the Mellon Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Original Sources, the Ottis Green Fellowship, a Bass Instructional Fellowship, the John Higham Research Fellowship, and the George Pozzetta Dissertation Award. Previously, Bobadilla attended Weber State University (Ogden, UT) and served in the United States Navy. He is an immigration policy expert for the Scholars Strategy Network and an avid motorcyclist. In fall 2019 he will start as an assistant professor of history at the University of Kentucky.

Thanks to Josh for sharing questions he typically asked on campus visits to R1 institutions:

Questions to ask on campus visits

Joshua Bruce earned a BA in political science from Indiana University, MA in social sciences from UChicago, and MA/PhD in sociology from Duke. His research interests revolve around the skills and connections people build up over their careers, and how these resources influence both individuals’ career outcomes and the organizational successes (or failures) they help drive. He’s also broadly interested in applying computational research methods, such as social network analysis and natural language processing, to organizational behavior and strategic management research questions. Starting in fall 2019, he will be an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Gies College of Business. In his spare time, he enjoys travel and checking out new restaurants with friends.