First-Gen Friday

Since you indicated to be interested in more social gatherings – also with 1g grads from UNC -, Carolina F1RSTS promptly invited us to join them for their social this Friday 4-6pm for free appetizers at the Carolina Brewery! 

This is a great chance to meet new people, share wisdom and advice as first-gen students, and unwind from the daily stresses of grad school.

No need to register. If you want to offer a ride over or go to UNC together, shoot us an email!



Resulting from our panel on ‘Navigating the Academic Job Market as a 1-Gen’ we decided to collect advice by first-gen grads for our first-gen peers.

Thanks to Eladio for sharing his reflections on the job market process and to Josh for sharing questions he typically asked on campus visits to R1 institutions: Advice