Duke ESU looks to make the undergraduate economics experience one that a student will never forget. We strive to provide meaningful resources for all undergraduate economics majors at Duke, whether it be through faculty lunches, internship panels, or finance competitions.

ESU works directly with the Duke Undergraduate Economics Department with the goal of planning events to benefit Econ majors across Duke’s campus. As a club we have put in many hours of hard work and effort to help students achieve the goals they set our for themselves when they stepped on to Duke’e campus.

ESU has planned numerous events on an annual basis, such as the Spring Trading Game, FEP mock competitions, and various flunches with amazing faculty members throughout the semesters.

The Economics Student Union (ESU) is an organization intended for all economics majors and potential majors. The Union is interested in getting as many students as possible involved and is always looking for new ideas and leadership. It was founded in the fall of 2001 by students who wished to provide a structure for economics students to:

* interact with faculty
* share advice regarding classes and careers
* bring speakers to the campus
* organize discussions of policy issues, and
* facilitate ways of presenting student views of the
economics major to the Economics Department.

If you want more information about the many opportunities ESU presents to students across campus, please sign up for our listserv at: http://eepurl.com/bxqrXj


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  1. Hey are you all interested in a stand-up economics talk in early November? I might be in the area and am talking with Prof Billy Pizer about giving a talk about carbon taxes and also doing a comedy show. Holler if you want to talk more! Videos and more on my website. Cheers, Yoram Bauman PhD

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