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Academic Advising

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an EOS academic adviser?
Upon declaration of your EOS major (usually your second semester Sophomore year) you are automatically assigned an EOS academic adviser.

I am not an EOS major but would like to speak with an EOS Adviser, what do I do?
Contact Alexander Glass to setup an appointment with an EOS adviser.

When do I meet with my academic adviser?
You can meet with your adviser at any time throughout the semester.  Regular advising meeting are scheduled for all EOS majors in both the Spring and Fall, just preceding the course enrollment period for the next semester.  Your adviser will contact you to setup an appointment during these times.

How do I know that I am making good progress towards my degree?
You can visit your Academic Progress Report anytime on ACES.  Your adviser can help you understand the academic advising report, what courses fulfill which requirements, and help you chose courses that best fit your interests and curriculum requirements.

Can my EOS adviser help me with advising decisions regarding my other majors or minors?
Upon declaring, be it a primary and/or secondary major, you will be assigned an academic adviser knowledgeable in that specific major’s curriculum.  If you are a double-major, be sure to meet with BOTH your primary and secondary major advisers to assure you are making good progress toward both degrees.