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EOS at Duke Kunshan

The following undergraduate courses are occasionally taught at the Duke Kunshan Campus. To get more information on the Duke Kushan in China program visit their website here. For official course descriptions, requirements, and prerequisites, please see the Duke Undergraduate Course Bulletin or browse through courses on Dukehub.

EOS 224EOS 226SK. Field Methods in Earth and Environmental Sciences. NS, R Introduction to basic field methods used in the earth and environmental sciences. Field investigations focus on topics such as groundwater and surface water movements, soil chemistry and identification, topographic and geologic mapping, the atmosphere/soil interface, and plant identification and distributions. Design of a field investigation, collection of data to address a specific goal, and interpretation and reporting of the results. Emphasis on learning to report field results in the format of scientific publications. Taught at Duke Kunshan. Instructor: Klein. One course.

EOS 230EOS 230. Meteoritics and Solar System History. NS, STS Cultural and intellectual history of meteorites, the science of meteoritics and our knowledge of the Solar System. Actual specimens, classification and sourcing using microscope and microprobe analyses. Weathering effects and dating techniques. Interaction with computer simulations and visualizations of planetary, asteroid and meteoroid orbits and collisions, formation of gravitational ring structures and complex travel trajectories. Dynamics of fiery flight through Earth’s atmosphere and distribution of fragments on the ground. Methods of finding and identifying meteorites in the field. Instructor: Gessler. One course.

EOS 385EOS 385K. Water Resources. NS, STS Fundamental concepts of aquatic geochemistry and biogeochemistry applied to water pollution and resources. Marine and freshwater case studies will be presented. Taught at Duke Kunshan University. Instructors: Cassar and Vengosh. One Course. —————- —————- —— ——————- ————— ——————— ———————– ———– —————– ——————- —————– ———— —————— ——— ————- ————— ————– ————— —–

EOS 366K. Climate Change and Society in China. NS, STS Analysis of Earth’s climate history and links between climate and society in China, as well as present and future  climate in China. Topics: global climate system, feedbacks, energy balance, circulation of the atmosphere and ocean, hydrological cycle and carbon cycle, paleoclimate reconstruction, record of natural variations of past climate with emphasis on past changes of monsoon rainfall, extrinsic forcing mechanisms of observed paleoclimatic variations. The impact of climate variability and change on Chinese society and history will be discussed. Taught at Duke Kunshan University. Instructor: Li. One Course.