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Gateway Courses

These two courses serve as our Gateway Courses. They cover the fundamentals of the Earth and Ocean Sciences and prepare students to go on to higher-level courses in EOS. Majors should take these courses as early in their undergraduate career as possible.

EOS 101EOS 101. The Dynamic Earth. NS, STS Introduction to the dynamic processes that shape the Earth and the environment and their impact upon society. Volcanoes, earthquakes, seafloor spreading, floods, landslides, groundwater, seashores and geohazards. Emphasis on examining the lines of inductive and deductive reasoning, quantitative methods, modes of inquiry, and technological developments that lead to understanding the Earth’s dynamic systems. Instructors: Klein or Glass. One course.

EOS 102EOS 102. The Dynamic Oceans. NS, STS The oceans and their impact on the Earth’s surface and climate. Topics include seafloor evolution, marine hazards, ocean currents and climate, waves and beach erosion, tides, hurricanes, and marine life and ecosystems. Emphasis on the historical, society and economic roots of oceanography, the formulation and testing of hypotheses, quantitative assessment of data, and technological developments that lead to understanding of current and future societal issues involving the oceans. Instructors: Glass. One course.