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Core Courses

These courses represent the “Core Requirements” for our bachelor of science degree in EOS. They can also be used as electives for the A.B. degree in EOS. It is strongly recommended that students take EOS 101 and EOS 102 before taking core courses.

SONY DSCEOS 201L. The Solid Earth: Minerals, Rocks, and Structural Geology. NS Description and interpretation of minerals, rocks and geologic structures. Lectures on theoretical aspects, lab on practical applications and use of petrographic microscope. Prerequisite: Earth and Ocean Sciences 101. Instructor: Boudreau. One course. ———————————- ———— —————– —————— ————— ——- ———– ————– ————- ————- ————– ——————-

EOS 202EOS 202. Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics. NS, R Introduction to the dynamics of ocean and atmospheric circulations, with particular emphasis on the global climate cycle. Prerequisites: Mathematics 21 and 122, Physics 141L or consent of instructor. Instructor: Lozier. One course. ———————————————————— ———————————————- ————- ———– ———– ——————
———— ———— ———– ————- ————

Jen and Kyle in front of an archEOS 203S. The Surface of the Earth. NS Fundamental earth surface processes involving weathering, soils, hillslopes, rivers, wind, glaciers, and tectonic activity. Humans as agents of landscape change. The future of landscape. Prerequi-sites: Earth and Ocean Sciences 101 or 102. Instructor Consent Required. Instructor: Haff. One course. —————————————————————————————————— ————————— ———— ———— ———— ————- ————- ———— ———— ————-

EOS 204EOS 204L. The Evolving Earth and Life. NS Evolution of the earth and life through time. Weekend field trip to Appalachian Mountains. Recommended: Earth and Ocean Sciences 101. Instructor: Glass. One course.