Welcome to the Earth and Ocean Sciences Division at Duke University!  We are a diverse group of scientists, researchers, and teachers who all share a passion for the natural world.  We seek to understand how the different “spheres” of the Earth function, humanity’s place among them, and how we have and will impact our planet.  …

Our Faculty

 EOS Faculty Paul A. Baker Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences The Baker Lab -Paleoclimatology -Sedimentary Geochemistry -Global Climate Change Undergraduate Courses:  Graduate-level courses only E-mail: pbaker@duke.edu —————— Office: Old Chemistry 301 ——————————————————————————————————————– Alan E. Boudreau Professor of Geology The Boudreau Lab -Igneous Petrology -Geochemistry -Mineral Resources Undergraduate Courses: EOS 201, EOS 402S E-mail: boudreau@duke.edu …

Campus Location

The faculty of the Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences are located in the Levine Science Research Center (LSRC), and Grainger Hall.  For contact information see Faculty or Undergraduate Program Staff.  

Contact Us

NSOE Staff Assistant (Debbie Gooch): (919) 684-5847 Fax: (919) 684-5833 EOS Undergraduate Program Office (Amy Kirkland): 919-613-8060 EOS Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies (Emily Klein): (919) 684-5965 EOS Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies (Alexander Glass): (919) 684-6167

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