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Why You Should Join the Duke MEMP Consulting Club

Consulting Club

By Madhav Shekhar: MEMP ’15

The Duke Masters of Engineering Management Consulting Club’s mission is to prepare students for successful careers in consulting after graduation. Our organization achieves this through three primary initiatives: industry sponsored projects, case interview preparation workshops, and professional seminars. Every semester the Consulting Club partners will firms within the Research Triangle and beyond to offer students an opportunity to work on real world consulting projects. These projects include anything from impact or market evaluation to supply chain strategy. The Consulting Club also offers a weekly case study practice workshop on Fridays to help prepare students for case study based interviews. The club also partners with local Duke Alumni to host seminars and workshops to educate students on careers in consulting. These events expose students to real world professional’s insight into the world of consulting.

Our most popular event of last year was the case interview preparation workshops: one co-hosted by notable Duke Alumni Daniel Kauffman and the other co-hosted by Mr. Fred Humiston. Both these individuals are McKinsey and Company alums and have been coaching people for a long time. Over 80 Master of Engineering Management Candidate students attended these three-hour events. The seminars begin with a basic overview of management consulting. It then progressed into the nuts in bolts of case interviewing. Several basic frameworks were covered and then the students were given several examples of possible case study prompts. Students were asked to present their frameworks in front of the class and feedback was given. Live cases were then performed in front of the class. Students found the event extremely informative. As a result, the Consulting Club has begun to reach out to other MEMP Alumni in the area who may be interested in hosting a similar event in the future.

The consulting club then builds on these workshops and organizes weekly case preparation workshops to help students hone their case interviewing skills. We also organize mock case interview competitions to give students a chance to practice their interview skills. Simulating a real-time consulting interview, students face challenging case interviews and behavioral interviews in the process to completely practice what they have learned so far. Given the job and internship search that goes on the entire year, we have found these workshops and interviews to be highly beneficial to the students.

We also facilitate real-time consulting engagements lasting 6-8 weeks with clients in and around the area, which help students get the hang of the consulting industry. Students form teams of 4-5 people coordinated by a member of the consulting club and try to solve the business problems of the clients, which can range from market entry to forming strategies for market expansion. We have had a history of delivering quality and timely results and hence, the companies are always eager to have the Duke MEMP Consulting Club do pro-bono consulting for them.

Finally, we collaborate with other consulting clubs in Duke to form a community dedicated to help students prepare for a career in consulting. It gives us immense pleasure in being able to help the Duke community and in the process, help ourselves get better in whatever we do.

To find out more visit our website: Duke MEMP Consulting Club

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