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CDAR MEM Student Group – Achievements & Final words

By Naman Garg , MEM ’13 – CDAR Director Fall 13

Naman Garg, MEM '13
Naman Garg, MEM ’13

It is my immense pleasure and honor to write final words for activities performed by extremely talented and hardworking Career Development & Alumni Relations (CDAR) members during Fall 2013. We have worked on some amazing projects such as Internship Information sessions, Informational Interviewing, Workgroups, and the CDAR Fall 2013 Installment document. I am very hopeful that in Spring ‘14 CDAR will do more wonderful work under Osama’s leadership and Jenny Johnson and Ross Wade’s guidance.

When I joined Duke MEM program in Fall 2013, I was overwhelmed with the options and choices presented to me. Being an engineer with limited work experience, I had little idea of the professional path I wanted to follow. So I set on a quest to understand my career interests. I started by talking to a lot of people from diverse fields. This helped me to realize what I didn’t want to do in the future. Eventually I was able to figure out about my career interests.

I also learned that I was not alone in this struggle of choosing a career path. So, when I got the opportunity to work as CDAR’s director, I oversaw a highly motivated team that worked on projects aimed at helping MEM students make effective career choices. Informational Interviewing is one such project which will help students to know about day to day activities of various alumni working in diverse fields. We believe that it will definitely help students make  informed choices with respect to their careers.

Internship Information sessions, lunch with professors also registered highly positive feedback from students. All the transcripts of alumni interviews, internship information sessions, and feedback from other projects have been documented in the CDAR Fall 2013 Installment.

I am sure CDAR will have much more exciting and wonderful projects for MEM students this semester. I highly recommend students to go through the CDAR Fall 2013 Installment to learn about different projects and their outcomes. We believe this will definitely help students in their Jobs/Internship search.

Finally I would like to thank Margaret, Osama, Vaishnavi, Arjun, Ajay, Samkit, Anthony, Pranav, Swathy, Zihe, Tucker, & Kavitha for their excellent work. Jenny, Ross and Bridget for their valuable guidance and Maahir & Venos for constant support.

It was a great learning experience for me personally. I would like to welcome the future team and hope they will have as much fun and wonderful experiences from this forum.

Click here to read the CDAR report including informational interviews with alumni, discussions with MEM faculty, and more!

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