Preparing for the Philippines? Uhm…Well…

Hi all,

Today I started preparing for my trip. Well, “started” should be used a term used very loosely. I’ve been trying my best to learn more about what I am going to experience when I get to the Philippines, and this is what I have learned so far:

  1. It will be very hot, humid, and rainy. All. of. the. time. So, wish me luck finding light clothing that breathes easily but also protects me from a monsoon.
  2. From speaking with Filipinos here in America, they have informed me that I should not need to know too much Tagalog since most people there are bilingual. My friends have told me that I can fare very well knowing a few simple phrases. Here is your, and my, Tagalog lesson for the day:
    • “Magandang umaga/tanghali/gabi” = Good morning/afternoon/night
    • “Salamat” = Thank you
    • “Magkano?” = How much?
    •  “Masyadong mahal” = Too expensive  <— My favorite
  3. Something that I have also learned is the Filipinos tend to take many statements literally. For example, if you tell someone “See you later”, many of them will think that you are going to actually see them later in the day. Good thing I learned this before hand or I would have seriously confused about 300 children.
  4. Don’t eat the street food. Just don’t.

Over the next few days I’ll be continuing to learn more Tagalog and more about the culture so I don’t come off as a total foreigner. Once I arrive in the Philippines, I’ll blog on a more consistent basis and post pictures too!


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