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White feminism is a narrative we would very much not like to be a part of

Written by Sabriyya and Jennifer Feminism, in its most rudimentary form, is an ideal of equality for all genders. This ideal is highly contentious—what does equality look like in terms of language, biology, and politics? Informed by their myriad backgrounds … Continue reading

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Police brutality as a hate crime

Police brutality against minorities, perpetuated by biases and prejudices held by officials, should constitute as hate crimes against the direct victims and their communities. Following the July 5th police killing of a 37-year-old black man named Alton Sterling, and the … Continue reading

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You will never be woke

No, you will never be “woke.” No matter how hard you try and no matter how diverse your experiences may seem, you will simply never achieve a supreme level of understanding on some of the world’s most contentious issues. The … Continue reading

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Cheap thrills

There is a lot of privilege associated with being a group of Duke University students living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. With that said, I do not believe that our circumstance excuses us from our shared responsibility to … Continue reading

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The fine line between reason and aggression

Contentious issues are as commonplace as air in the atmosphere, soil in the ground, and water in the oceans. They are what enliven election season in the U.S., and are what make debates so enticing for all involved parties. In … Continue reading

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At the halfway point

Now, at the halfway point of my Duke Engage experience, I am compelled to swap my relatively political blog posts in favor of a more personal reflection on my time here. While there is still a lot of time left … Continue reading

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Five things wrong with the term “Third World Countries”

I recently spoke to a friend who referred to South Africa as a “third world country.” Knowing that was untrue (and after I set them straight), I began looking into what actually defined a so-called, “third world country.” My consensus? … Continue reading

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On liberation, youth power and journeys

On June 16, 1976, a series of student-led protests erupted in response to the apartheid government’s introduction of Afrikaans- a variant of Dutch spoken by white South Africans- as a language of instruction for all black schools across the country. … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes in Orlando and Abroad

Ridden with flesh-deep wounds from years of institutionalized racism, South Africa continues to succumb to the devastating evil that is prejudice in its various incarnations. While Islamophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism and more continue to plague nations around the world, efforts … Continue reading

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Three things wrong with the term “African-American”

1. It classifies black Americans in a way that is only paralleled by “Asian-Americans.” Caucasian Americans are not called European-American, let alone “French-American” because 1) Africa is a large, expansive continent, and 2) to say “European-American” is to simply refer … Continue reading

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