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As with so many other politicized issues, conversations around race relations in many places, specifically in the so-called intellectual enclave that is supposed to be Duke, seem to often subside into mere platitudes, words meant to sound good and smart … Continue reading

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Conflicting Identities

Confusion abounds.  Leaps and swirls and fogs up the space in my head.  As I sort through issues of my own race and identity, I find myself being pulled in conflicting directions.  I remain infinitely indebted to this DukeEngage program, … Continue reading

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Archana; Ar-chuh-nah

Just sharing a story I find important.

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Self-awareness & reflection – the personal is the political

I have spent fewer than three weeks in South Africa.  Two glorious, exciting, and, most importantly, confusing weeks in South Africa.  Although I have learned quite a lot, I have also become painfully aware of how much I don’t know … Continue reading

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Are we really so different?

Throughout this first week in Johannesburg, I have learned so much about South African history, culture, and people, and I have constantly been struck by how much I did not know, as well as how much mirrors American history and … Continue reading

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