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Be aggressive

In recent conversations the term ‘aggressive’ has made several appearances that extend beyond the typical observation about the fleet of drivers that speeds down Kloof Nek Road each morning. Those usages have been inaccurate—it is, for example, not aggressive if … Continue reading

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Dismantling the economy of oppression

“The perpetuation of craziness is disguised in art, if I were to tell you I was CURED (gasp!) you wouldn’t read on . . . 🙂 fuck you 🙂 if i were to say i cut myself & my daddy … Continue reading

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Creating space for myself, ourselves

Growing up, I felt an eternal difference from my surroundings. I am a sensitive type; it was easy for my suspicions to crawl under my thin developing skin and intrude my young beliefs. I was convinced of my hypothesis that … Continue reading

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How to tell a story

Anyone can tell a story, but who should tell a story? There’s an age-old warning storytellers flirt dangerously closely with and that’s the risk of telling other people’s stories. The guilty commit misrepresentation. And in the case that they tell … Continue reading

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Confronting and reimagining the savior complex

A hallmark of summer vacation is the streamlined photos your Facebook friends share of themselves standing among the young Kenyan students they’ve been teaching English, or the Tanzanian family they’re staying with for four weeks. It’s an image that represents … Continue reading

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