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White feminism is a narrative we would very much not like to be a part of

Written by Sabriyya and Jennifer Feminism, in its most rudimentary form, is an ideal of equality for all genders. This ideal is highly contentious—what does equality look like in terms of language, biology, and politics? Informed by their myriad backgrounds … Continue reading

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Are You Homesick?

Along with “why are you here?”, I’ve gotten this question a lot while I’ve been in Cape Town. Each time, without hesitation, I’ve responded with an emphatic “no.” How could I be homesick? The culture, the food, the people, the … Continue reading

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As with so many other politicized issues, conversations around race relations in many places, specifically in the so-called intellectual enclave that is supposed to be Duke, seem to often subside into mere platitudes, words meant to sound good and smart … Continue reading

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The things you don’t notice

I’d like to say that I’ve been perceptive during my time in South Africa. I’d like to say that I’ve been aware of my surroundings; that I’ve picked up on how I’m treated differently because I’m a American; that I’ve … Continue reading

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Be aggressive

In recent conversations the term ‘aggressive’ has made several appearances that extend beyond the typical observation about the fleet of drivers that speeds down Kloof Nek Road each morning. Those usages have been inaccurate—it is, for example, not aggressive if … Continue reading

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Working at Sonke

For the past several weeks I have been working at Sonke Gender Justice Network in the Policy Development and Advocacy unit. Sonke’s PDA unit works to influence South African and global policy decisions on gender equality, gender based violence, and … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Moving Forward

As we enter our final week in Cape Town, I want to to look back on my time here in South Africa, in addition to contemplating my experiences from the past week. So rewind back to seven weeks ago. My trip had a … Continue reading

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An Open Heart Can Go A Long Way

  In my last blog post, I made a brief reference to the power of human interactions, no matter how short or long-lasting, in having an often inconceivable impact on somebody’s life. An encounter as brief as the few minutes … Continue reading

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Our Photography Workshop

On Monday last week Jennifer, D.J., and I taught and set up a photography workshop for “twenty” high school students in Cape Town. I put twenty in quotations because, in reality, closer to forty-five students showed up for our workshop. … Continue reading

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Culinary Connections

Food is an incredible gift. A source of energy, nourishment, and life, food has the ability to connect people across place, time, culture, religion, ethnicity, language, etc. Being a foodie, I look forward to immersing myself in the cuisine of … Continue reading

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