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Week 5

My mind’s a jumble, and this happens to me every week. There are always a number of topics that I want to talk about, like white privilege, the concept of white guilt, what it means be a true ally, etc. … Continue reading

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Who Are The Criminals

If you hear “South Africa,” what are some pictures that come to your mind? For many people, it’s: safaris, Table Mountain, wine, shark diving, Nelson Mandela, or apartheid. For those digging just a tiny bit deeper, South Africa is associated … Continue reading

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Week 4

At my job at the Women’s Legal Centre, we worked on a legal submission of suggestions to be made to the proposed national action plan that’s meant to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and other forms of related intolerance. When … Continue reading

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At every reflection session, our group starts off with sharing what we have been grateful for this week. This week I want to reflect on a few appreciations that I have had since being here. I am appreciative of the … Continue reading

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At the halfway point

Now, at the halfway point of my Duke Engage experience, I am compelled to swap my relatively political blog posts in favor of a more personal reflection on my time here. While there is still a lot of time left … Continue reading

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Why I Am Here

“Why are you here?” I’ve heard this a lot in Cape Town. From my leader at group reflection, kids at an event celebrating Youth Day, my bosses at the start of work. Usually I find an answer, but an answer … Continue reading

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Have you ever thought about how many people it takes to make a jacket? I had never thought about it either, but I learned the answer this week: 34. Not 34 people in the whole production process, but just 34 … Continue reading

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Branching Out

The news about Brexit brought to light a challenging issue that I’ve occasionally thought about, but never really given the time or energy to actually reflect on. This issue isn’t directly related to any of the typical Brexit talking points like economics … Continue reading

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The More You See, The Less You Know

We’ve been in South Africa for four weeks and are literally at the halfway point in the trip, so it should be easy by now to find something to write about. I could choose to focus on living with 11 … Continue reading

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Five things wrong with the term “Third World Countries”

I recently spoke to a friend who referred to South Africa as a “third world country.” Knowing that was untrue (and after I set them straight), I began looking into what actually defined a so-called, “third world country.” My consensus? … Continue reading

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