The Environmental Alliance is an undergraduate student organization committed to promoting the implementation of sustainable practices here at Duke University. Through organization, advocacy, and outreach, we strive to make Duke a model campus for environmental stewardship.

Here you will find information about our past efforts and current campaigns, as well as different ways you can take action and get involved in environmental initiatives on campus!

We hope that this website will also serve as a resource for anyone interested in learning more about current environmental issues and in keeping up to date with the latest local, national, and global news in sustainability.


  1. Raise awareness and support environmental action in the community of undergraduates
  2. Give Duke undergraduates the tools to produce change and reduce our ecological footprint on the planet
  3. Become stewards of sustainable practices, extending into the Durham/Raleigh community
    1. sustainable eating
    2. creek cleanups
    3. invasive species in the Duke forest

The Environmental Alliance is committed to:

  • universal access to clean air and clean water
  • renewable energy and climate neutrality
  • wilderness preservation and wildlife protection
  • environmental, economic, and social justice
  • conservative, intelligent, and efficient use of our natural resources
  • grassroots organization and community-based movement
  • systemic change of oppressive institutions
  • healthy, local, and organic agriculture and food options
  • responsible consumerism
  • respect for diversity and for all forms of life

To join our mailing list, please email sympa@duke.edu with the following message: ‘subscribe environmental-a’.

To unsubscribe from our mailing list, please email sympa@duke.edu with the following message: ‘unsubscribe environmental-a’.

EA will only send out e-mail while regular classes are in session (from early September until late April). Other than the newsletter, we will not send an email out to the listserv unless it relates directly to EA business or is a relevant announcement written by an active EA member.