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Act I

by Jenny Madorsky Tonight was an important rehearsal. We began by walking through Act I simply to see if we could do our lines without too many breaks. We were then asked to speed it all up to a level where it was “almost too fast.” As the scenes unfolded, I, as Nora felt myself […]

by Ali Yalgin I have been thinking about Templeton’s article. She criticizes some of the scholars for rejecting that feminism can be an issue sophisticated enough to be a major theme in A Doll’s House, and also in other pieces of art. I do not think that feminism is not important, and also despise the […]

A reply to Jules- “How much really has changed since then?”

by Caitlin O’Neill I completely agree with your points concerning the prevalence of the stereotyped ‘perfect’ girl mold. As the Herald’s article says, “it’s our culture’s standard talking-to-little-girls icebreaker” to say that they are beautiful or precious. I think that the unfortunate truth is that beauty maintains a strong lead on intelligence in many of […]

Gestures and Energy

by Alpha Tessema Our gesture exercises in rehearsal today got me thinking about the way we channel energy for every movement we make on stage as well as our intentionality. In Stanislavski’s, An actor prepares, he states that every movement we make must have purpose. Even the act of remaining still is an action that […]

Holiest Duties

by Elena Lagon According to Emma Goldman, the degree to which Nora is devoted to her husband is almost infinite until the end of the play: “When a woman loves as Nora does, nothing else matters”. She “works hard” to “serve her husband,” yet her purpose is solely to be happy for her family, according […]

Servants and Socio-economic status

I have been wandering about the connection between the presence of  ‘servants’ and the socio-economic status of a household during the late 19th century in Norway.  From the videos Jules has posted on the blog one can see a very clear connection between enormous wealth and servants.  However, I wander how wealthy one needs to […]


by Jenny Madorsky Yesterday in Jeff’s Intro to Acting class we talked about the importance of characterization–figuring out the ins and outs of one’s character. This process includes discerning and imagining what one’s character is like based on facts from the script, as well as the things that are unmentioned. To help us through this […]