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The Beauty of Hindsight

by Caitlin O’Neill   It is one week since A Doll’s House has ended and I still pick up on lines that pop into everyday discussion. Strike was a whirlwind, a quick physical catharsis. But because strike is so quick, the aftereffects of the show persist. All of a sudden, I have broad free moments; […]

Viewpoints and impacts

by Caitlin O’Neill Opening night will be upon us in a few hours. After three dress rehearsals, I think I can say we are ready. Let the audiences come in. I will be backstage during the show, connected via headset to Taylor and the other vital crew in the tech booth. The best of all […]

A reply to Jules- “How much really has changed since then?”

by Caitlin O’Neill I completely agree with your points concerning the prevalence of the stereotyped ‘perfect’ girl mold. As the Herald’s article says, “it’s our culture’s standard talking-to-little-girls icebreaker” to say that they are beautiful or precious. I think that the unfortunate truth is that beauty maintains a strong lead on intelligence in many of […]