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The first week of performances

by Ali Yalgin After a set of exhausting tech and dress rehearsals we finally arrived at the opening night. The first time to share the outcome of our hard work with an audience (not counting the few who came during dress rehearsals). Since we have been such an intimate cast, it was quite different to […]


by Ali Yalgin We had a first run-through yesterday, which went quite well. Before the run-through, Ellen and I had a quick chat about my character, Krogstad. I have usually played creepy and slightly crazy characters at Duke, which were fun to play but not so deep. Initially I was quite worried about playing Krogstad, […]

by Ali Yalgin I have been thinking about Templeton’s article. She criticizes some of the scholars for rejecting that feminism can be an issue sophisticated enough to be a major theme in A Doll’s House, and also in other pieces of art. I do not think that feminism is not important, and also despise the […]