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Resonating Performance

I always find that the most rewarding and exciting part of putting on a play is seeing how the audience receives your work and their reactions.  The performance of the show really tied my work on the piece together and it was fascinating to watch the other audience member’s responses. Earlier, I looked at reviews […]

Tech and it’s meaning within the play

by Kim Solow Last week, we went over the technical aspects of the play with the Costume Designer, Scenic Designer, Film Designer and Composer. I found the common threads that all the technical aspects tried to achieve in the world of the play were very interesting as well as their individual interpretation of the play.  […]

How much really has changed since then?

When I read this article from The Sydney Morning Herald, I couldn’t help but notice how even today we put girls into this picture perfect mold. As the article points out, before girls even reach middle school, they are focused with their physical appearance and are praised every day for it. So it begs the […]