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Wrapping Art(work)

Torry mentioned the installation/environmental artist Christo (and his partner Jean-Claude) in her design presentation today. Here are a couple of video clips to give you a sense of the scale and approach of this “wrapping” work. The first is a time-lapse or “quick motion” video of their wrapping of The Reichstag in Berlin (1995). The […]

Visions of domestic life

At our first class meeting, a series of movies were mentioned to give a sense of period, the hierarchies of domestic life (particularly between families and their servants), and the kind of melodramatic gestural life that Ellen will be exploring in relationship to the main character’s psychological lives. To whet your appetites for these sources, […]

Nightmare Dollhouse

Ellen mentioned being hooked on Mad Men and seeing connections to A Doll’s House. I have a perhaps more tangential and certainly creepier connection to a show I can’t seem to stop watching: A&E Network’s Hoarders. The new season premiered last week and featured Phyllis whose particular inappropriate possessions are dolls. Acres and acres of […]

Food for video thought

I ran across this blogpost via the TCG news feed on my Facebook page. I thought the post, the TheaterMania article to which it refers, and this link to the work of scen0-videographer William Dudley might be of interest (or maybe folks want to weigh in on the blogger’s page itself) as we move forward […]