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A plot worthy of Ibsen

I had to close this production blog by sharing a story that I found in The Guardian during the winter break. It seems these events have been burbling in the Norwegian press for a while and were picked up by the British papers as part of a robust UK interest in Ibsen after recent successful […]

Final Dress

I don’t want to give away the vision that greets the audience when they enter the space, but it does so much to heighten the anticipation for the top of the show. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been such a Scrooge about holiday commercials showing up on my television screen, but I think it is […]

Money autobiography

A childhood friend of mine who is now a Presbyterian minister had this intriguing link on her FB page today. It was something called a “money autobiography.” This device, developed in 2001 by a financial planner named Richard B. Wagner, poses questions so that individuals can explore the personal and cultural roots of their perceptions […]

Nora, Leaving Torvald

In our research for the Nora “biography,” a version of this will be in the program and on the LINK wall, Kim and I found a video project titled Nora, Leaving Torvald. This nine minute film ran at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto in October 2010, sponsored by Laluqu Atelier Gallery and Blackcurrent Productions. The […]


As I watched Thursday night’s run, it struck me that we’ve not really discussed period etiquette in detail especially protocols of greeting. Just to start off on a light note, here’s a clip from Penn & Teller’s Bulls#*t that cuts right to the heart of the power dynamic between men and women in the Victorian […]

Money money money

  According to, following the annexation of Norway to Sweden in 1814, Norway was granted a separate currency. Each country therefore adopted the practice of placing the country name first after the king’s name. During the reign of Oscar I (1844-59) on Swedish coins it reads OSCAR SVERIGES NORR. GOTH. OCH VEND. KONUNG and […]

Ibsen and Feminism 3

The image below is from feminist and critical race theorist bell hooks (if you aren’t already, you should get familiar). It’s been making the rounds on Facebook and I share it here because it touches on the continued debate over whether Nora’s uniquely female position makes her a feminist figure and, by extension, Ibsen a […]

Doll House imagery

I’ve been on the look out for doll houses, when they are invoked as metaphors as well as when and how doll houses appear in popular culture. Just this weekend, my daughter went to Marbles Kid’s Museum in Raleigh and in their farm/agriculture display she discovered a doll house for animals. Not a barn but […]

Ibsen and Feminism 2

My post title might be a tad misleading. I’m actually using this space to draw attention to feminism more than Ibsen, specifically, to let you know about an initiative happening this year in Duke’s Women’s Studies Program: The Future of the Feminist 70s. I’ll let them explain the impetus behind their programming: We are interested […]