Monthly Archives: November 2011

Opening the Door

My favorite moment of performing A Doll’s House (and there have been many wonderful moments) is when, after our cast warms up together, I walk down the brightly lit hall, enter the dark backstage area through a door on the right, hike my maid’s skirt up as I climb the stairs and face a large […]

The Beauty of Hindsight

by Caitlin O’Neill   It is one week since A Doll’s House has ended and I still pick up on lines that pop into everyday discussion. Strike was a whirlwind, a quick physical catharsis. But because strike is so quick, the aftereffects of the show persist. All of a sudden, I have broad free moments; […]

Resonating Performance

I always find that the most rewarding and exciting part of putting on a play is seeing how the audience receives your work and their reactions.  The performance of the show really tied my work on the piece together and it was fascinating to watch the other audience member’s responses. Earlier, I looked at reviews […]

Act II

by Jenny Madorsky The beauty of live performance is in the changes. No matter how long and hard one rehearses and prepares for a live performance, things will inevitably change once the lights go up and the audience locks in. Breaking character is no longer an option. Any discomfort, unexpected technical mishap, or personal thoughts/feelings […]

The first week of performances

by Ali Yalgin After a set of exhausting tech and dress rehearsals we finally arrived at the opening night. The first time to share the outcome of our hard work with an audience (not counting the few who came during dress rehearsals). Since we have been such an intimate cast, it was quite different to […]

Viewpoints and impacts

by Caitlin O’Neill Opening night will be upon us in a few hours. After three dress rehearsals, I think I can say we are ready. Let the audiences come in. I will be backstage during the show, connected via headset to Taylor and the other vital crew in the tech booth. The best of all […]

Final Dress

I don’t want to give away the vision that greets the audience when they enter the space, but it does so much to heighten the anticipation for the top of the show. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been such a Scrooge about holiday commercials showing up on my television screen, but I think it is […]

Money autobiography

A childhood friend of mine who is now a Presbyterian minister had this intriguing link on her FB page today. It was something called a “money autobiography.” This device, developed in 2001 by a financial planner named Richard B. Wagner, poses questions so that individuals can explore the personal and cultural roots of their perceptions […]

Nora, Leaving Torvald

In our research for the Nora “biography,” a version of this will be in the program and on the LINK wall, Kim and I found a video project titled Nora, Leaving Torvald. This nine minute film ran at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto in October 2010, sponsored by Laluqu Atelier Gallery and Blackcurrent Productions. The […]