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Servants and Socio-economic status

I have been wandering about the connection between the presence of  ‘servants’ and the socio-economic status of a household during the late 19th century in Norway.  From the videos Jules has posted on the blog one can see a very clear connection between enormous wealth and servants.  However, I wander how wealthy one needs to […]


by Jenny Madorsky Yesterday in Jeff’s Intro to Acting class we talked about the importance of characterization–figuring out the ins and outs of one’s character. This process includes discerning and imagining what one’s character is like based on facts from the script, as well as the things that are unmentioned. To help us through this […]

Visions of domestic life

At our first class meeting, a series of movies were mentioned to give a sense of period, the hierarchies of domestic life (particularly between families and their servants), and the kind of melodramatic gestural life that Ellen will be exploring in relationship to the main character’s psychological lives. To whet your appetites for these sources, […]