by Jenny Madorsky

Yesterday in Jeff’s Intro to Acting class we talked about the importance of characterization–figuring out the ins and outs of one’s character. This process includes discerning and imagining what one’s character is like based on facts from the script, as well as the things that are unmentioned. To help us through this process Jeff assigned a list of questions to ask oneself before starting the acting process. The list includes questions like:

* What is the last novel you read?

* Do you believe in God?

* How do your feet touch the ground? Standing? Walking?

* Describe your morning ritual.

And many more.

Though the assignment was specifically for Chekhov characters, I kept thinking about how these questions might apply to Nora. I quickly came to the realization that I could not fill out ONE of these sheets for Nora. I would need to fill out a whole STACK! Nora from the beginning of the play, Nora in the middle, Nora in the end, Nora as she is with Torvald, Nora with Krogstad, Nora with Anne-Marie, Nora with Dr. Rank, Nora with Helene, Nora with Kristine, Nora with her children, and Nora alone.
Ibsen has created such a complicated and multi-faceted character in Nora that it would be impossible to box her into a single set of questions and answers. Looking forward, I can’t wait to start unlocking the doors to this deeply fascinating and intriguing character.