tech trouble

Hey finally got on this site but have a few quesitons


1-why do I get stern warnings about this being an unsecured site, and do I know the risks involved? Im not a techie so am nervous about what this means.


2-Read Jules’ post with dramaturgical production background but the links did not seems active. Why is this?

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  • Jules Odendahl-James says:

    Hi Bill–

    I saw this in the “drafts” posts so I went ahead and clicked “published” in case you’d meant to make it public but were still feeling your way around WordPress commands language.

    As to your first question, I don’t know why the security certificates are going nuts on MACs in regard to Duke’s WordPress interface. I got such a warning this morning as I worked on a different computer. The tech folks here say it’s nothing to be worried about (easy for them to say) and that once you give the certificate “trusted” status or something like that you should be able to get to the site without being hounded about it being “insecure.”

    Which links were giving you trouble? Were these on the research resources page? If you can be specific I can go back and check. I made some updates to that page today, but if you can’t get to things, please let me know.

    Sorry for all the hassle!