Monthly Archives: June 2011

Nightmare Dollhouse

Ellen mentioned being hooked on Mad Men and seeing connections to A Doll’s House. I have a perhaps more tangential and certainly creepier connection to a show I can’t seem to stop watching: A&E Network’s Hoarders. The new season premiered last week and featured Phyllis whose particular inappropriate possessions are dolls. Acres and acres of […]

Food for video thought

I ran across this blogpost via the TCG news feed on my Facebook page. I thought the post, the TheaterMania article to which it refers, and this link to the work of scen0-videographer William Dudley might be of interest (or maybe folks want to weigh in on the blogger’s page itself) as we move forward […]

tech trouble

Hey finally got on this site but have a few quesitons   1-why do I get stern warnings about this being an unsecured site, and do I know the risks involved? Im not a techie so am nervous about what this means.   2-Read Jules’ post with dramaturgical production background but the links did not […]

The Elephant Man

Jim here. I just rewatched the opening of David Lynch’s The Elephant Man–zowie! I like the look/feel of it a lot. (And since Hopkins played Torvald, I guess this is germane….) Too bad the widescreen isn’t working on this embed, but you still get the idea. v1x2pndJfjg