Decolonize, Dismantle and Redesign (DDR)

The Decolonize, Dismantle and Redesign student working group is hosting a two-day hybrid webinar event entitled From Academia to Action: Decolonizing Practice in Global Health and Beyond on April 20-21.

Join us in conversation with global health practitioners, scholars, and activists from across the globe. We will explore decolonizing practice, broaden perspectives on collective-building and solidarity, work to uncover the histories of the academic spaces we work in, and learn how to participate in decolonial action. This event aims to acknowledge the harmful nature of academic institutions and elucidate pathways to healing and reform.

Join us in person at the Duke School of Nursing, Room 1103, or via Zoom.

In-person attendance is limited to 80 people. This event is open to the public.

Register in-person or on Zoom at