09:00 – 09:50 am – Check in, breakfast, poster setup

Cell Migration in Immune Response

10:00am-10:10am | Introductory remarks: Cagla Eroglu, PhD​

10:10am-10:50am | Keynote speaker: Carole Parent, PhD​

10:50am-11:20pm | Two student talks

11:20pm-01:15pm | Lunch with keynote speakers, poster viewing​

​Cell Migration in Development

01:15pm-01:55pm | Keynote speaker: Dave Sherwood, PhD

01:55pm-02:25pm | Two student talks

02:25pm-02:40pm   Coffee break​

Eme​rging Imaging Technologies

02:40pm-03:25pm | Student technique flash talks

03:25pm-03:40pm | Coffee break​

​Cancer Cell Migration

03:40pm-04:10pm | Two student talks

04:10pm-04:50pm | Keynote speaker: Yibin Kang, PhD​​

04:50pm-05:00pm | ​Final remarks, announcement of poster winners

We would like to thank the Department of Cell Biology and the Regeneration Next Initiative at Duke University of School Medicine for their sponsorship.