Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Invitational:

Novice: Stanton College Preparatory (1st), Lakewood Montessori Middle (2nd), Brookfield Academy (3rd)

Novice MVP: Jake Watson of Stanton College Preparatory

Intermediate: BASIS DC (1st), Stanton (2nd), WCDS (3rd)

Intermediate MVP: Jonas Howard of BASIS DC

Advanced: BASIS DC (1st), Stanton (2nd), Classical Conversations (3rd)

Advanced MVP: Kristina Liao of Stanton College Preparatory

Duke Certamen 2019 Questions

Duke Certamen Advanced Questions 2019

Duke Certamen Intermediate Questions 2019

Duke Certamen Novice Questions 2019

Duke Certamen 2019 Recordings

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