Organizing Committee

Shixin Xu, Kai Zhang, and Kai Huang

Scope of the symposium

We are living in a world with growing complexity and uncertainty. However, as stated in Daoism, complexity and simplicity are often accompanying with each other. Following this philosophy, we focus on the link between different scales in systems ranging from sand grains through neurons to biological objects and discuss how mathematical tools can be used to understand, predict, and design collective behavior in complex systems surrounding us.

Confirmed Speakers

On-site (incomplete list) 

Longlong Fu 付龙龙 (Tongji University)
Xiaobo Gong 龚晓波 (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Yuliang Jin 金瑜亮 (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Sze Chai Kwok 郭思齐 (Duke Kunshan University)
Ning Xu 徐宁 (University of Science and Technology of China)
Hu Zheng 郑虎 (Tongji University)


Rafi Blumenfeld (Cambridge University, UK)
Patrick Charbonneau (Duke University, US)
Fredric Cohen (Rush University, US)
Joshua Dijksman (Wageningen University, Netherland)
Masao Doi (Uni. Tokyo, Japan)
Yuan Gao (Duke University)
Raul Cruz Hidalgo (University of Navarra, Spain)
Meiying Hou 厚美瑛 (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Yao Li(Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Stefan Luding (University of Twente,  Netherlands)
Corey O’Hern (Yale University, US)
Habib Rahbari (Korea Institute for Advanced Studies & National University Seoul, Korea)
Weiqing Ren (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Brian Salzberg (University of Pennsylvania, US)
Matthias Schroeter (Max-Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany)
Mark Shattuck (The City College of New York, US)
Joshua Socolar (Duke University, US)
Matthias Sperl (German Aerospace Center & Uni Cologne, Germany)
Duanduan Wan 万端端  (Wuhan University)
Xinpeng Xu 徐新鹏 (Guangdong Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)
Zhiliang Xu (Univerisity of Notre Dame, US)
Litang Yan 燕立唐 (Tsinghua University)
Lei Zhang 张磊 (Peking University)