Mar 17

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March Newsmakers

Duke Researcher Urges Caution on President Trump’s Call for Less FDA Regulation (ABC 11)
Features Steven Patierno, PhD

Are some breast cancer patients getting too much radiation? (CBS News)
Features E. Shelley Hwang, MD and Rachel Adams Greenup, MD

Betting on the first disease to be treated by gene editing (CNBC)
Features Charles Gersbach, PhD

Waiting, worry, information overload add to challenges facing cancer patients (WRAL)
Features Carol Hahn, MD

Soaring costs force cancer patients to skip drugs, treatment (USA Today, NPR)
Features Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS

U.S. News Reveals 2018 Best Graduate Schools Rankings (US News & World Report)
Features Duke University School of Nursing (#1) and Duke University Medical School (#7)

New made-in-Singapore cancer drug could lower leukaemia mortality (Channel NewsAsia)
Features Duke NUS

Duke, UNC researchers push forward with brain cancer research (The Chronicle)
Features Donald Lo, PhD

Blue Devil of the Week: Relating to Cancer Patients (Duke Today)
Features Priti Patel

Prostate cancer cells grow with malfunction of cholesterol control in cells (Science Daily)
Features Donald McDonnell, PhD

A Better Way to Measure the Stiffness of Cancer Cells (Pratt School of Engineering)
Features Adam Wax, PhD

Study Examines Relationship Between Opioid Use and Cancer Progression (Pharmacy Times)
Features Padma Gulur, MD

PARP Inhibition Poised to Be “Major Breakthrough” in Breast Cancer Treatment (Oncology Nursing News)
Features Kimberly Blackwell, MD

Breast Cancer: Genomic Testing for Adjuvant Therapy (Onc Live)
Features Kimberly Blackwell, MD

CSU comparative oncology documentary set for national release (Colorado State University)
Features Michael Kastan, MD, PhD

Duke Student Part of New Brawny Women’s Campaign (WTVD)
Features Brittany Wenger (student and creator, Cloud4Cancer app)

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